Getting started with Yoko

Never has it been easier to build the a unique website for your agency. Using our sections you simply paste together incredible looking pages in seconds.

Start here

Wizardry responsive design method

Our good friend Timothy Ricks created a responsive technique using EMs that scales like VW but with max-width. Please see his guide here for ultra detail. The Yoko template is build using this method.

How to start creating pages?

1 Duplicate the blank page

Find the Blank Page under the template sections folder in the page navigator. Duplicate the page

2 Copy and paste sections

Find sections in the section pages you would like to use. Select the "Section" block from the navigator or the canvas. From there, copy using the keyboard shortcut or by right clicking the canvas for more options. Go back to the newly duplicated blank page and paste your clipboard on the canvas in the position you want the section to be.